Youth Group

Norwegian Dinner


Right around the Sunday closest to Valentine's Day, you're sure to smell the aroma of Norwegian meatballs throughout the church. This is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for our youth who plan to attend the National ELCA Triennial Youth Gathering. The price is just right for the large meal you'll be eating. If you walk away hungry, it's not our fault. The menu typically includes Norwegian meatballs, ham, traditional Norwegian lefse, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, Norwegian cookies, cheese, coffee and milk. Our youth, and a handful of adults, work hard to serve over three hundred people each year. It's always a great time for all.

National ELCA Triennial Youth Gathering


The Wiota congregation has a long tradition of sending youth to the national youth gathering. This great event occurs once every three years and focuses on faith formation, worship, study, prayer, fellowship, service, and play. The next gathering is in Detroit, Michigan in July 2015. The gathering's theme "Rise Up Together" will help youth reflect on the diversity of the city, as well as the diversity of all God's people. Please consider making a donation to our youth as they raise funds for this event. Be sure to mark your donation "youth".

Palm Sunday Brunch


Every year on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) our youth host a brunch. This is another fundraiser for their trip to the national youth gathering. For a good price, they'll fill your stomach full of sausage, eggs, pancakes, cinnamon, orange juice, coffee, and milk. There's always plenty of laughter throughout the meal, but especially afterward when we're in the kitchen trying to clean up everything sticky.

Ski Trip


Once a year, usually at the end of February, the Youth (and many adults who love to ski) go on a ski trip to either Sundown Mountain in Dubuque, IA or Tyrol Basin near Mt. Horeb, WI. It's always a great time, for both expert skiiers and beginners alike. If you're intereted in joining our next ski outing, watch for information in January.