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Community Garden

A few working women in our congregation began a community garden at our church this summer to grow food for those who would like something fresh but aren't able to grow it themselves. We blessed our garden during a worship service this summer and its harvest has been bountiful. Vegetables from the garden are regularly shared with our members, including special deliveries to some of our homebound members.

Craft for a Cause

Over two dozen women fill the fellowship hall a couple times a year for a long weekend of crafting. Some ladies paint, some write books, and many scrapbook. There is a small fee for these events to reserve space. All of the money collected and raised goes to support a local cause in the community. Thousands of dollars has been raised for local needs. Great work; Keep crafting!!

Highway Cleanup


Once a year, members of our congregation come together in the early spring to clean approximately 3 miles of highway 78 (from the Wiota Church northeast to "Five Corners"). You wouldn't believe the "treasurers" we find along the way. It's pretty incredible the amount of trash we pick up, but it's all part of tending to this wonderful earth that God has created.

Financial Contributions

Our church would not exist without the financial contributions of so many people. You're gift, no matter how big or small, helps sustain this congregation for the future and supports it's ministries. To make a gift today, visit the donate page.



Do you have a little extra time to share? There are always dozens of projects and activities that could use a little extra attention: everything from pulling weeds to organizing archives. If you have some time to spare, contact the church office to let us know how you're interested in helping us out.



What gifts do you have? What comes naturally and easily to you? How might you share your gifts and skills with the congregation? Let us know! You never know when we might need a face painter or a digital analyst.

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