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Bold Café

Bible Study


Drawing from a rich number of online resources from the ELCA, the Bold Café Bible Study at our congregation follows Faith Reflections. Many of these online resources are geared toward young adult, working women. As they gather for study once a month, these reflections help younger women understand their faith in the midst of an ever-changing world.

Dresses for Africa


Starting with a pillow case, the Bold Café women make simple dresses embellished with fun buttons, lace, and ribbons. These dresses are then donated to the Dresses for Africa program, a non-profit organization that distributes them through the orphanages, churches and schools in  Africa. Connected to the belief that we are all created in the image of God, the dresses make the girls feel worthy, loved, and special.

Garage Sale and Flea Market


Last May, the Bold Café hosted a garage sale and flea market at church. They rented out parking stalls for members of the community to sell their crafts or unwanted items. Inside the church, a wide range of items that were donated were sold. The money raised supports local causes.

Refugee Resettlement Kits


Stemming from a synod-wide initiative, and the Christian call to offer hospitality to the stranger, the Bold Café Gals have developed a collection of household goods and furniture to furnish an apartment for a newly arriving refugee family. This has become a vital ministry throughout the Madison area. Nearly 300 refugees from Bhutan and Iraq have already settled in the area. Another 75 are expected to arrive through the end of 2014. To see the complete list of items needed, click here.

Craft for a Cause

Over two dozen women fill the fellowship hall a couple times a year for a long weekend of crafting. Some ladies paint, some write books, and many scrapbook. There is a small fee for these events to reserve space. All of the money collected and raised goes to support a local cause in the community. Thousands of dollars has been raised for local needs. Great work; Keep crafting!!

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