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A wedding, marriage, or blessings ceremony are one of the life passages frequently celebrated by Christians in a place of worship. Wiota Lutheran Church and its pastor is happy to perform ceremonies for members and non-members alike.


Depending upon the availability of the church building and pastor, the date is reserved once a signed contract is returned to the church office along with the appropriate payments of fees. Some couples also choose to engage in premarital counseling. Most couples find these conversations interesting and helpful. Premarital counseling typically consists of five, one-hour sessions. These premarital sessions cost an additional fee.


All couples, regardless of whether or not they are engaging in premarital counseling, meet with the pastor for a wedding planning meeting. This meeting typically occurs 3-6 months prior to the wedding. During the meeting, we will discuss the unique details of your wedding. Ceremonies typically follow a basic format or liturgy prepared by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). There are several ways to personalize this ceremony which we will discuss during our planning meeting.


We understand that details tend to change up until the day of the wedding. Please keep the pastor in the loop of any changes that may occur following the consultation.


Ceremonies that include Holy Communion last approximately one hour. Ceremonies without communion are approximately 30-40 minutes, depending upon the number of readings, songs, and other rituals.


Photos may be taken during the ceremony, however, we discourage the use of flash photography. Video cameras that are stationary are allowed. These guidelines are in place so that there are as few distractions from the ceremony as possible. Additional photography or the recreation of parts of the service may be staged following the service.


Flowers and other decorations are sometimes added to the sanctuary for the ceremony. The colors of the liturgical season may NOT be changed. Furniture or other liturgical decorations (e.g. Christmas trees) may NOT be changed or altered.


Alcohol or any illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in the building or on the church grounds. The pastor has the authority to cancel the ceremony if an infraction occurs.

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