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Worship is central to everything we do as people of God. We gather as a community around bread and wine, water and the Word. We give praise to the God we confess in the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds. We pray for one another, celebrate with each other, and engage in spiritual growth and discipleship. Our worship together as a community prepares us for the work we do in and throughout the world. We seek to live a more full and holistic life of faith in our day-to-day living.


Who is welcome

God's grace, love and forgiveness knows no limits. You are welcome here!! It doesn't matter if you are married, single or divorced, a conservative or liberal, young or old, gay or straight, rich or poor, born and raised Christian or curious about what being a Christian is all about. There is a place for you here!


How we worship

Our worship follows the pattern of gathering, word, meal, and sending. It is much like a dinner party. We gather as a community, preparing our hearts and minds for worship, stepping away for a few moments of the chaos of work, life and study. We hear the Word of God proclaimed in rich hymn texts, in scripture that is read, in a sermon or reflection preached, and in our creedal confession. We share a meal, gathered around bread and wine, the very body and blood of Christ, given and poured out for all. Finally, we are sent back into the world to share the good news of God's grace, love and forgiveness gift for all that brings healing and life.


The term "liturgy" simply means "the work of the people." It is our hope that you will add your voice to the assembly's prayer and song and celebration. And when we find that we are overcome by grief, pain and sadness, unable to speak or sing, it is then that the voice of the assembly carries us, singing and praying on our behalf.


Most of our liturgies follow setting one in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW) hymnal. Paperless songs and refrains, as well as other creative and interactive elements are also added frequently.


When we worship

Sunday services are held at 10am at the Wiota Church (6650 Highway 78) except during the 3rd Sunday of the month when we worship at the historic East Church (10311 Highway 78). From Memorial Day to Labor Day, services are at 9am. See our calendar of events for more information.


Baptism is the initiation rite into Christian faith and life. A person may be baptized at any age. It marks the beginning of a relationship with Jesus Christ. God's promises of forgiveness, grace and love are made known during baptism. In the waters of baptism, we celebrate a new way of life as God delivers us from sin and death.



A wedding, marriage, or blessings ceremony are one of the life passages frequently celebrated by Christians in a place of worship. Wiota Lutheran Church and its pastor is

happy to perform ceremonies for members and non-members alike.


Holy Communion is celebrated in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ, following his command "do this in remembrance of me" made at the last supper on the night before his crucifixion. Holy Communion is typically preceded by baptism, the initiation rite into the Christian faith.


Bread or wafers are served followed by wine or grape juice. Gluten free wafers are available upon request. All are welcome to partake in Holy Communion regardless of age.


When a loved one dies, a wide range of emotions are typically felt by family, friends, and the larger community. A Christian funeral attempts to embrace and lift up all these emotions, focusing on our connection to Jesus' baptism, death, and resurrection. As we celebrate the life and witness of the deceased, it is a time filled with remembering.

Daily Lectionary

The daily reading of scripture is strongly encouraged. The Daily Lectionary uses the Revised Common Lectionary as it appears in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW). Scripture references are from the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible. Daily readings include a psalm and two scripture readings. The readings on Thursday through Saturday are designed to prepare us for the readings we will hear proclaimed in worship on Sunday. The readings on Monday through Wednesday reflect upon the Sunday readings.

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Favorite Worship Services

Every congregation has those worship services that they especially look forward to each year. Our favorites include Wednesdays in Lent, Worship in the Park, and Candlelight Cemetery Services, to name a few.

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