Women of the ELCA

Prayer Shawls


As prayer shawls are hand-crafted, the individual knitting or crocheting prays. These prayer shawls are given to those who need to be surrounded with the hope and prayers of the community. Whether a person is sick, dying, in need of comfort, or going through a major life change, these shawls bring peace. They are a tangible sign of God's love.

School Kits, Personal Care Kits, and Baby Care Kits

LWR collects many more items beyond quilts for distribution throughout the developing world. Wiota's Women of the ELCA donate and assembly many of these additional kits. School kits provide a student with the much needed supplies for a year of education. Personal Care kits are delivered to individuals who have lost everything to a natural disaster or living in a war torn region. Baby Care kits are given to expectant mothers as a way of educating them on pre-natal care. They bring hope to new mothers as they begin the journey of raising a happy and healthy child.

Annual Fall Bazaar

The single largest fundraiser for Wiota's Women of the ELCA, the annual fall bazaar is an occasion when so many wonderful people come out for a combination of good food, loads of laughter, and a plethora of unique arts and crafts. The bazaar usually begins with a meal before tables and chairs are rearranged for a lively auction!

Sewing Days


For decades, generations of women have come together, usually on a monthly basis, to hand-stitch and tie quilts together for Lutheran World Relief (LWR). Through their combined efforts, Wiota's women donated over 100 quilts in 2013. Nationwide, LWR collected 485,931 quilts which they then delivered throughout developing countries and areas recently affected by natural disasters. Used as more than just a blanket, quilts also provide shelter. "Tied in Faith. Sent in Hope. Wrapped in Love." is the LWR quiltting motto. Wiota's women always welcome new hands to help tie.

Senior Quilts


About five years ago, Wiota's Women of the ELCA started giving beautiful handmade quilts to graduating high school seniors. This has become an important ministry as these young men and women often bring their quilts with them as they begin their college education. No matter how near or far away, these quilts bring a constant reminder that the students are surrounded by God's presence and supported by the prayers and hopes of the Wiota Congregation.

Ministries Support by Wiota's Women of the ELCA


The Wiota Women of the ELCA support many local, regional and global ministries.

Local: Black Hawk, Argyle, and Darlington school districts and food pantries

Regional: Platteville Lutheran Campus Ministry; Sugar Creek Bible Camp; Synodical missions offerings

Global: Lutheran Disaster Relief (LDR); ELCA Malaria Campaign