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About Us


Who we are

Located in the beautiful rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin, Wiota Lutheran Church sits on the edge of the small rural town of Wiota. Surrounded by farms and corn fields on three sides, this church is the primary place of worship for a vibrant and welcoming community. No matter who you are, you are welcome here!


Our mission statement

"Reaching out to congregation, community and world; Inviting all to hear and see the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed."


Our Vicar

Myron Crawford


Our office secretary

Courtney Bocklund


Our custodian

Connie Bocklund


Our organist(s)

Diane Updike

Stephanie Eastwood


Our pianist

Margaret Shager


A summary of our history

Organized in 1844 by charter members from about a dozen Norwegian families, the Wiota Congregation built its first building in 1851. The original building still stands today and is located approximately 2.5 miles east of the town of Wiota on highway 78. Originally referred to as the Cherry Branch Church, the name was later changed to East Wiota Church when a second building, the West Wiota Church, was built in 1889 about 5 miles to the southwest. Having outgrown its original building, and still in the days of horse and buggy, the congregation vowed to remain one congregation even though they worshipped separately at two separate buildings. During this time, they shared a pastor who would lead worship and preach between the two buildings, every other Sunday.


In December 1987, during a thundersnow storm (a thunder and lightning storm that occurs during blizzard conditions), the West Church burned to the ground. Rather than rebuild the West Church or renovate the outdated East Church, after much thought and prayer the congregation built a new building. This building, erected in 1991, is simply referred to as the Wiota Church. It is now the primary worship place for the congregation. The East Church continues to remain an important historical treasure for the congregation. Occasional worship services are still held at the East Church.


Our worship space

Wiota Lutheran Church is completely handicap accessible. The narthex (gathering space), sanctuary, fellowship hall, classrooms, and kitchen are all located on the same level. The building has plenty of accessible parking and a range of audio/visual capabilities. The building is used regularly for the ministries of the congregation, weddings, funerals, and other non-profit functions. If you are interested in renting part of the building, please contact the church office.


The larger church

Wiota Lutheran Church is a congregation of the ELCA in the South-Central Synod of Wisconsin.

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