WOW Begins

Come and experience a way of worshipping differently!!! On Wednesdays, starting September 10th at 6:30pm, WOW will include dinner, worship, and a time of education. We are working to create an experience that involves fellowship, worship and education for families and people of all ages, in a way that is interactive, relevant, and engaging for all.

Here's what you can expect on a typicaly Wednesday night:

6:30pm—We share a meal together.

7:00pm—Worship that is interactive, lively and "out-of-the-box."

7:40pm—Education hour related to the scripture texts and themes heard in worship. (For this hour, we will divide into groups that include children under age 5, students grades K-5, confirmation (6th-8th grade), high school, adult men's group, adult women's group.)

8:40pm—Closing with a final prayer, song, and blessing.

8:45pm—We go home.

On some of the evenings, during the education hour, we will work together on service projects and other large group community-building activities.

Come for as much as you're able. (We understand some folks get tired and go to bed early.)


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